CEE Integrated Home Competition


2023 Combination Space and Water Heating

Harvest Thermal

Harvest Pod

Judge’s Remarks:

“The Harvest Pod enables great potential for energy savings and load flexibility.”


Harvest Thermal is redesigning home heating, cooling and hot water for the planet. Its market-leading smart thermal battery and patented Harvest Pod save an average of 30% on monthly heating bills, cut emissions by 90% compared to gas equipment, and optimize customer comfort. The Harvest Pod uses machine-learning software, sensors, and controls, to learn household energy needs, monitor the weather, and communicate with the grid.

A single, air-to-water heat pump charges the hot water battery at midday when there’s an abundance of low-cost, clean electricity and distributes stored heat and hot water into the home whenever needed. By combining thermal storage with an ultra-efficient heat pump and components, Harvest saves more energy than any other residential all-electric space heating and hot water system on the market.

In addition to leveraging time-of-use rates today, the cloud-connected Harvest Pod future-proofs homes with devices that give more control over homeowners’ energy bills of tomorrow. The smart Pod enables demand-response capabilities and software to flexibly respond to grid pricing and emission data.

Premium air filtration and a natural refrigerant make Harvest a top choice for health and the environment. Plus homeowners enjoy the superior comfort of quiet heat and stable temperatures. In more moderate climates, Harvest Thermal offers Night Cooling. It features a built-in outside air economizer that brings cool, filtered air from outside when it’s warmer inside or when indoor air quality is poor. Need air-conditioning? Harvest integrates with a separate heat pump that also provides supplemental heat in the coldest climates.

In 2023, Harvest Thermal was named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list; awarded NREL Industry Growth Forum’s People’s Choice Award; and won a Silver Edison Award for Sustainable Design in the category of Consumer Solutions.

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Product Specifications:

  • Refrigerant: Carbon Dioxide
  • Efficiency
    • COP at 80°F: 5.5
    • COP at 47°F: 4.2
    • COP at 5°F: 2.2 with 100% capacity
  • Lowest temperature at which the SANCO2 can produce 150°F water: 27°F
  • Noise Level: 37 dBa
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Energy Management Features: Outdoor temperature sensing, vacation or away mode (under development), energy consumption reporting or energy meters, responsive to DR, TOU rates, and price signaling
  • Connectivity Protocols: CTA-2045-B and Ethernet

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