CEE Integrated Home Competition

Integrated Home Vision

  The CEE Integrated Home Vision

An Opportunity to Connect

The CEE Integrated Home is a connected, fuel neutral, grid and distribution system interactive, efficient home where devices and systems seamlessly communicate to optimize value for both consumers and the utility grid and distribution systems. This vision provides a home that can react to the dynamic energy value based on time and location by responding to utility signals allowing CEE member utilities and program administrators to manage to their core mission of maintaining a safe, low cost, and reliable energy experience. Guided by a consumer-focused lens, the Integrated Home provides an added value to the consumer energy experience through improved customization and personalization. Further, the Integrated Home vision utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable automation of energy management and an overall optimized experience.

Energy Efficiency

The Foundation of the Integrated Home

The Integrated Home is centered on optimized performance of the home and all systems within this boundary. Connected products are limited in the benefit they can deliver if they do not first maximize technical potential to reduce absolute energy use.

Load Management and Demand Flexibility

Optimizing Value for the Utility Grid and Distribution Systems

As both electrical grid and natural gas distribution systems face rapid changes in resource mix and demand, the importance of the dynamic value of energy relative to time and location as delivered to consumers increases.

Consumer Amenity

Comfortable, Convenient, and Connected 

The Integrated Home must afford equal, if not greater, levels of comfort and quality than a baseline home. Consumer satisfaction and positive user experiences are key to achieving consumer acceptance and market transformation.

Security and Privacy

Protecting Consumers’ Data and Privacy

It is essential to protect and secure consumer data and information across all aspects of the Integrated Home. The utilization and promotion of cybersecurity, privacy, and consumer safety practices must be embedded across Integrated Home products.