CEE Integrated Home Competition



My submission has multiple components (i.e., product, hub, app, interface). Do I need a separate entry number for each component?

No, any components that are necessary to access the connected functionality of the product should be submitted together under a single entry number.

For example, an HVAC system that requires a proprietary connected thermostat to access the product remotely, or a window attachment that requires a hub to access key functionality, should submit the product (in this case, the HVAC equipment or window attachment) and the additional component (in this case, the thermostat or hub) as the same entry.

Are commercial products eligible? 

No. Product entries must be intended for primarily residential applications, which could include multi-family. 

Does my product have to be ENERGY STAR® certified to enter? 

No. Products are expected to demonstrate energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction consummate with the functionality provided. Those that meet CEE or ENERGY STAR® criteria, as applicable, are preferred. 

Does my product have to be manufactured in the United States? 

No, but products must be sold directly into the US or Canadian markets.

Do I need to submit a thermostat/controller if I am submitting an HVAC product?

If a connected thermostat or other controller is necessary to access the connected functionality of the HVAC product, then you should plan to submit a thermostat as part of your HVAC entry.

I have a different connected product than you’ve listed – can I still submit it? 

All types of innovative connected products are encouraged to enter the Open Category. Competition staff will contact you to consider possible judging arrangements for unique products that cannot be installed at the judging site.

Are chips and other product components eligible? 

It is strongly encouraged that any unique or innovative components be integrated into a product and submitted in partnership with a manufacturer. The Integrated Home Competition is happy to recognize both parties if the product is selected to receive an award. If this cannot be arranged, please contact the Competition staff to discuss. 

Are battery powered or dual-powered products eligible?

Entries should be wired products, with exceptions such as window attachments. Wired products with a battery backup are allowed and encouraged.


Submission Process

Is there a fee to enter? 

No. The only cost associated with entering the Competition is shipping products to and from the judging location, if selected as a finalist in an applicable category. 

How many products can be submitted per company? 

There is no limit on the number of entries per company.

What should I do if I have a product family or system that I am interested in submitting? 

The Competition recommends that a manufacturer select one or two products as a representative for a product family and submit them individually along with a mention that the product is part of a larger family within the product description in the submission form. Manufacturers are also invited to submit images of other products within the family as well as marketing materials. 

What is the difference between the Request to Submit form and the Submission Form?

The Request to Submit is a simple and easy form that asks for contact information and a brief product description. This allows the Competition staff to then assign you an individual entry number(s) and appropriate full Submission Form, which includes more detailed product performance information that maps to the Evaluation Criteria.

What are the supporting documents? Are they required? 

The Competition requires the submission of installation instructions, marketing materials (such as product package, POP signage, and advertisements), and one product photo to support product identification during the installation and judging process. Additional supporting documents can include optional items such as additional product photos and test reports.

How does the screening process work? 

The Integrated Home Competition Sponsors will review submissions to identify the most promising candidates for further assessment based on the evaluation criteria. All entrants will be notified of their results. Finalists will move on to live evaluation by a panel of experts. 



What do winners need to provide? 

Winners must provide high resolution photos (standalone and application shots), complete the Integrated Home Competition cybersecurity questionnaire OR supply alternative cybersecurity standard verification, ENERGY STAR® certification status if applicable, consumer-facing product description, and product availability information. 

When can awards be announced publicly? 

Awards can be announced publicly following the formal awards ceremony for each product category. Date and location of these conferences vary by year and will be communicated to winners and posted on the website. Winners are invited to attend the ceremony portion of the conference to receive their award. 

What do the winners get? 

Winners receive a year of free promotion by the Integrated Home Competition. Winners are featured on the Competition website, a formal press release, pertinent industry publications, and other endorsement materials. Winners are recognized at an award ceremony at relevant industry event(s) are provided with files of promotional materials that display their winning products, and an Integrated Home Competition winner badge to develop their own promotional materials. Winners are promoted at applicable tradeshows, such as Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show, the AHR Expo, AERC Fall Meeting, International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, RESNET Annual Conference, National Home Performance Conference, and more, subject to variation each year.