CEE Integrated Home Competition

Lights on and Connected: CEE White Paper Illustrates the Need to Identify Household Products that Save Energy, Perform Reliably, and are Simple to Use

Middleton, MA November 14, 2019 – The Consortium for Energy Efficiency today released a white paper titled “Connected Lighting & the Integrated Home”, a report on the state of the connected lighting industry and likely interplay with homes that are efficient, connected, and capable of load management.

This report was developed by convening experts in lighting, connected home, energy efficiency, and demand-side management to explore potential value streams of connected lighting and future strategies for increasing consumer adoption of systems that will yield customer and grid benefits. In June 2018, the Lighting for Tomorrow Workshop brought industry leaders together to consider new product capabilities and brainstorm tactics to address market opportunities and barriers. With the goals of fortifying the energy infrastructure and delivering a new level of benefit to consumers, the interactive workshop developed a consensus view that led to the newly expanded Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition.

The report addresses questions including:

  • Which interventions will increase the adoption of consumer-friendly, energy-savvy, and interoperable connected products in the U.S. and Canada?
  • How will the lighting industry serve the utilities’ integrated demand-side management objectives while ensuring a positive consumer experience?
  • How can energy efficiency program administrators leverage connected devices and services to save energy at the times and locations that will make the electric grid clean and resilient?

Additionally, the workshop spurred CEE, in partnership with UL and the American Lighting Association (ALA), to launch the Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow Competition 2019-20.

This re-imagined and expanded competition provides manufacturers the opportunity to push the industry forward by introducing high quality, innovative connected devices and platforms that provide a positive consumer experience and deliver grid benefits. The exceptional products identified by the judging panel are heavily promoted by Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow for a full calendar year and pave the way to receive incentives from utility sponsors in the future.

For more information on the Connected Lighting & the Integrated Home White Paper, and how to enter the Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition, contact Kim Katz at info@lightingfortomorrow.com.