CEE Integrated Home Competition


2021 Connected Home Appliances

Sinopé Technologies

Sinopé Home Energy Management Ecosystem

Judge’s Remarks:

“Sinopé Technologies’ Home Energy Management Ecosystems address the largest energy users in the home to help consumers save energy and money with an easy-to-use app.”


When energy savings and energy efficiency meet the ease of use: that is what Sinopé Technologies offers North Americans and power utilities across all markets.

With the broadest range of smart devices to control heating, lighting and any electric appliances, big and small, Sinopé Technologies offers consumers all the simplicity and flexibility they are craving. By providing energy-focused smart devices, Sinopé gives the ability to save big while preserving comfort.

Through powerful smart algorithms, thoughtful features, and product characteristics, users can quickly achieve their goals. Geofencing, scheduling, advanced automations, scenes and detailed energy charts are among the favourites. Moreover, when activating the Éco Sinopé feature, users automatically tie their smart devices to their power utilities’ demand-response programs and time of use rates. What’s more, Éco Sinopé presents an industry-unique characteristic by allowing customers to optimize their savings based on their selected profile.

Sinopé Technologies’ devices are also compatible with all the leading home automation platforms and voice assistants such as Apple HomeKit (Wi-Fi devices only), Samsung SmartThings, Hubitat (Zigbee devices only), Neviweb, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Product Specifications:

  • Zigbee Ecosystem Devices
    • Smart Line Voltage Thermostat - Heat/Cool (Zigbee) - TH1134ZB/HC
    • Smart Plug (Zigbee) - SP2600ZB
    • Smart In-Wall outlet (Zigbee) - SP2610ZB
    • Smart Adaptive Phase Dimmer (Zigbee) - DM2550ZB
    • Smart Water Heater Load Controller (Zigbee) - RM3500ZB
  • Wi-Fi Ecosystem Devices
    • Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat for Electric Heating (3,000 W and 4,000 W, respectively) - TH1123WF and TH1124WF
    • Smart Wi-Fi Floor Heating Thermostat - TH1310WF
    • Smart Wi-Fi Low Voltage Heating Thermostat - TH1400WF
    • Smart Wi-Fi Double-Pole Thermostat for Electric Heating - TH1500WF
    • Smart Water Heater Load Controller (Wi-Fi) - RM3500WF

Contact Information:

Sinopé Technologies Inc.
705 Avenue Montrichard
QC, Canada, J2X 5K8

Maxime Labonté
450-741-7700, ext 5104

Availability Information:

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