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ELEMENT 3″ LED Low-Profile & Remodel Adjustable Downlights

The ELEMENT 3″ LED Low-Profile Adjustable Downlight by Tech Lighting provides a beautiful architectural appearance and high performance for shallow ceiling plenum installations. It’s designed with an ultra-shallow 4″ housing making it ideal for space constrained environments. By utilizing the same trim pieces as the entire ELEMENT 3″ series, it can be used with the rest of the ELEMENT 3″ family yet remain undetectable below the ceiling. Complete adjustability allows for lockable hot aiming with 0°-35° tilt and 361° rotation, eliminating dead spots.
The ELEMENT 3″ LED Remodel Adjustable Downlight by Tech Lighting is well suited for any remodel application and uniquely suited for special applications such as flangeless wood ceilings. The trim installation method accommodates any ceiling thickness, and its flangeless trims don’t require any mudding. At a 5.75″ depth from the bottom of the ceiling, it provides the perfect solution while offering 0°-30° tilt and 361° rotation where other downlights simply won’t fit. Flanged trims match the rest of Tech Lighting’s ELEMENT 3″ LED downlight platform so they can be used in conjunction with the entire 3″ ELEMENT family throughout a space.

Judges’ remarks:

These adjustable fixtures are easy to use and provide efficient light with great beam characteristics.

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LED Indoor Fixture


Zech Boehm and James Ungaro


ELEMENT 3″ LED Low-Profile and Remodel Adjustable Downlights


Low-profile: 11.5″ x 17.5″ x 4″
Remodel: 3.8″ x 3.8″ x 5.75″


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Product Specifications

17.8 watts

Light Output:
1114 lumens

62.6 lm/W



Test Laboratory:
Independent Testing Laboratories Inc.

Report Number:

ENERGY STAR® Qualification
In progress