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inCharge™ comprehensive platform allows utilities to offer a range of services and programs that support Energy Resiliency, Economic Viability, and Environmental Stewardship. We are dedicated to providing our utility partners with the flexibility they need to manage the ever-changing energy demands while assisting with aggressive decarbonization goals.


inCharge™ Power Panel provides revenue grade energy monitoring and real time control at the breaker and smart-device level, enabling flexible load management and demand response. Intuitive user interface offers insights and notifications related to energy use.

inCharge™ Microgrid family (Home Grid and Home Grid 600) provides complete grid integration with solar, battery storage and load management with the option of a supplemental generator.  Systems available for single homes that can be scaled to small community and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) applications.

Utility DERMS Platform provides real-time, active integration and management of Distributed Energy Resources through a secure scalable cloud, which can be utility or homeowner controlled or a hybrid of both.

Judges’ Remarks

“The inCharge™ helps consumers increase their home’s energy resiliency and flexibility when facing the growing impacts of climate change.”




Connected Home Energy Management


Special Recognition for Resiliency


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Product Specifications

Connected Protocols: Broadband Cellular Network Connection; Bluetooth; Ethernet; Infrared (IR); Wi-Fi

Platform Compatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Warranty: 6-year limited replacement warranty

Energy Management Features: vacation or away mode; “eco” or low power mode; energy consumption reporting or energy meters; indoor temperature; outdoor temperature; energy tracking, full dynamic load control, battery, generator, and solar management system

Load Management Features: Time of use rates; demand response requests; pricing signals from the customer’s utility