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Easy to install, service and sell, the new Rheem® ProTerra™ Hybrid Electric Water Heater is the smartest and most efficient water heater available. It delivers impressive savings for homeowners— right away with a $300 federal tax credit and local utility rebates, and ongoing with up to $480 energy cost savings each year.  The ProTerra uses 75% less energy than a standard electric water heater to help minimize your impact on the environment. Plus, it’s full of smart features your customers will love—from built-in WiFi to our exclusive Water Leak Detection.  Easy replacement with the same dimensions as a standard electric water heater and one-button startup.  With zero clearance requirement, the ProTerra Hybrid is a great option for homes with less space, even in closets.  Save yourself time with built-in leak detection, automatic water shut-off valve and WiFi control.  Program the water heater to match demand throughout the day—higher production during high use times, like the morning, and lower production for energy savings when no one is home and off-peak energy rate scheduling with built-in demand response. Reduce water heating costs while homeowners are away for a week or just for the day—it’s easy to set from a phone from anywhere through the free Rheem EcoNet app.

Judges’ Remarks

“The sharp user interface helps consumers understand their energy and hot water usage, along with showing element health for proactive management of the water heater.”





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Available now through retailers or plumbing distributor. Visit us online at Rheem.com/Hybrid or see your local distributor.

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Product Specifications


CEE Advanced Tier and Optional Connected Criteria

UEF: 3.75

Rated Storage Volume: 50 gallons

First Hour Rating (FHR): 88 gallons

Lower Compressor Cut-off Temperature: 37°F

Connected Protocols: CTA-2045-A, OpenADR 2.0, and Wi-Fi

Platform Compatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Warranty: 10-year full replacement warranty

Energy Management Features: Vacation or away mode, “eco” or low power mode, energy consumption reporting, geofencing

Load Management Features: Time of Use (TOU) rates; demand response capable