Smart Home Energy Management

Create a smarter, more efficient home with a single app that combines energy management with smart home control and automation. With Powerley, you can see and manage your electricity usage live. With personalized energy advice, you can identify ways to save energy – delivering recommendations and alerts based on your live energy usage. Set a monthly budget for your energy and get personalized energy insights that give you ways to stay on track. Combine the Powerley app with the Energy Bridge to see and control your energy in real-time – for your whole home, including specific appliances and devices. Save energy and time by syncing your home with your schedule. Control and monitor your energy use and your home by connecting thermostats, smart light bulbs, light switches, plugs and more.

Judges’ remarks:

Powerley offers an easy way for consumers to monitor their home energy usage and participate in utility load management programs.




Connected Home Energy Management


Available now through select utilities that offer the home energy management solution to their customers.

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Product Specifications

Power Consumption:
5 watts

Standby Power:
0.25-0.5 watts

Connected Functionalities:
Remote access, voice control abilities, operational status reporting, customization, consumer notification of system failure or power surges, humidity sensing, field serviceability

Connected Protocols:
Bluetooth, Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE), Ethernet, Thread, Wi-Fi, Zigbee HA, Zigbee SE, Z-Wave

Platform Compatibility:
Amazon Alexa

Energy Management Features:
Occupancy sensing, daylight sensing, outdoor temperature sensing, vacation, away, or nighttime mode, energy consumption reporting or energy meters, real-time energy monitoring and management, automation scheduling based on energy consumption, energy usage breakdown by device, whole home energy usage monitoring

Load Management Features:
Communicates directly with smart meters enabling advanced demand response

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