iFLOW Hydronic Furnace

iFLOW HVAC Inc. manufacturers the most advanced hydronic furnaces in North America. When paired with high performing heat sources, they are capable of outperforming even the best gas furnaces on the ENERGY STAR® program, bar none. By dynamically controlling the four main variables critical to achieving highest efficiency in a hydronic based forced air system (namely gallons per minute (GPM), change in water temperature (Δtw), cubic feet per minute (CFM), and change in air temperature (Δta)), iFLOW delivers maximum performance and the ultimate in comfort.

Employing a unique and powerful control strategy with a premium ‘Constant CFM’, variable speed ECM blower, on-board VFD hydronic pump control, Wi-Fi connectivity with Apps enabling most smart thermostat functionality, and integrated zoning (up to four zones), the iFLOW can deliver ultra-steady temperatures to every room in your home.  Even better, an iFLOW combi-system can be cash-flow positive from day one (energy savings offset costs) and all backed by the best warranty in the business!

For more information, call us toll-free at 1-800-985-9227 or visit us online at www.iflowhvac.com.  Experience an iFLOW Combi-System, the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.

Judges’ Remarks

“The iFLOW Hydronic Furnace is an innovative emerging product and enables impressive flexibility in terms of equipment combinations, dual fuel uses, and granular control. We are excited to see how this product continues to develop.”





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Special Recognition for Innovation in Design and Engineering


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Contact Information

29 Howden Rd. Toronto, ON, Canada
1-800-985-9227 Ext.102

Product Specifications

9% savings, on average, compared to traditional ENERGY STAR gas furnaces.

Connected Protocols: Wi-Fi

Platform Compatibility: None at this time

Warranty: 5 years parts / 10 years heat exchanger

Energy Management Features: Outdoor temperature sensing; Vacation, away, or nighttime mode; “Eco” or low power mode

Load Management Features: Demand Response capable