Puck Pro

Flair’s Puck Pro is the only fully wireless smart thermostat for minisplit heat pumps.  The Puck Pro and Flair’s hvacOS platform allow for seamless electrification of residential heating by leveraging minisplit heat pumps and legacy fossil fuel heating systems for minimizing emissions and cost while maximizing comfort. In addition to electrification, Flair’s Puck Pro offers easy installation, room by room control, and demand response in an attractive and simple to use format.

Judges’ remarks:

The Puck Pro fills a niche for mini-splits and has the ability to operate primary and secondary heating systems together for a seamless experience.




Connected Thermostat


Daniel Myers, Kenny Tay, Andrew Dai, and Ed Paget


Available now at select F.W. Webb, SupplyNE, Plumbers Supply, Bell Simons, Johnstone Supply, and WinSupply stores.

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479 Jessie St.
San Francisco CA 94103





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Product Specifications

Power Consumption:
0.32 watts

Standby Power:
0.0000576 W

Connected Functionalities:
Remote access, voice control abilities, operational status reporting, customization, consumer notification of system failure or power surges, consumer notification of required maintenance, humidity sensing

Connected Protocols:
Infrared, Wi-Fi

Platform Compatibility:
Amazon Alexa, ecobee, Google Home, Resideo, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings

Energy Management Features:
Occupancy sensing, daylight sensing, outdoor temperature sensing, vacation, away, or nighttime mode, ability to switch between ductless minisplits and fossil fuel heating systems to support use of the cleanest energy sources while also maintaining a backup heating system for the coldest days of the year.

Load Management Features:
Respond to demand response signals

2 year full replacement