Smart Water Heater Controller

The Aquanta Smart Water Heater Controller is a “smart thermostat” for water heaters. It provides an affordable and simple way to turn a household water heater into an energy-efficient, smart appliance that heats water only when it’s needed. With versions for electric and natural gas water heaters commercially available and UL certified, Aquanta is designed to tackle the second largest household consumer of energy and contributor to utility bills – the water heater. A mobile app and smart home integrations such as Amazon Alexa and IFTTT give homeowners convenient control over their water heater including programmable schedules, remote on/off, potential leak alerts, and usage data. Aquanta also participates in numerous utility smart grid and energy efficiency programs, enabling demand response, time of use pricing, and energy storage for renewables.

Judges’ remarks:

This is an easy-to-install product for existing water heaters with time-of-use rate capabilities and demand response to help manage comfort and energy use.




Connected Water Heater


Available now through, Amazon, and multiple utility programs.

Contact Information

Aquanta Inc.
1775 Tysons Blvd.
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Tysons, VA 22102


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Product Specifications

Power Consumption:
2 watts

Standby Power:
2 watts

Connected Functionalities:
Remote access, operational status reporting, customization, consumer notification of system failure or power surges, leak detection (optional), low temperature automated override (freeze protection), high temperature automated override (thermostat failure protection)

Connected Protocols:
Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE) or Wi-Fi

Platform Compatibility:
IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings

Energy Management Features:
Vacation, away, or nighttime mode,”eco” or low power mode, energy consumption reporting or energy meters, machine learning algorithm that auto-controls heat cycling to match actual use patterns, manual timer, which allows users to manually program heating schedules

Load Management Features:
Automated Time of Use rate schedules, which optimizes heat cycling relative to dozens of pre-loaded utility Time of Use rates

2 year full replacement