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Trulux™ is a versatile system of tape light, control systems and tape light based fixtures. The high CRI for all performance levels, and the extensive line of controls and extrusions are designed to create the most thorough system of its kind in the marketplace and offer a lot of value to the consumer.

Trulux™ Tape Light: The broad offering of tape light includes multiple performance levels and IP ratings within four color temperatures. All single color Trulux Tape Light options feature 94 color rendering index and single bin LED specification to guarantee color consistency and accuracy. Each reel of IP54 single color tape light includes a 3-in-1 connector for tape-to-tape, tape-to-wire and wire-to-wire connections. The self-positioning design ensures a solid connection to its internal conductor blocks to speed installation. Trulux Tunable is available with a CRI ranging from 90 to 96, and up to 280 lumens per foot depending on color temperature preference, ranging from 2700K to 6000K CCT.

Trulux™ Control Systems: The Trulux line of controllers and accompanying receivers and drivers complement the broad selection of high CRI tape light. Have 1-100% full range dimming control via Trulux wall dimmers or table top dimmers. They are convenient with easy-to-use dials or touch pads, depending upon preference, and the Radio Frequency (RF) signal range is 65 feet. Download the Trulux Application for 5-100% dimming control and set different rooms as individual zones. A router is available to convert WIFI to RF for larger projects that have two or more zones.

Trulux™ Fixtures: Create your own under cabinet fixtures, step and stair safety lighting, recessed ‘slot’ fixtures for walls and ceilings, and display lighting for shelves and niches. American Lighting offers 21 different extrusion profiles to accommodate most any project need. Mix and match Trulux Tape Light with extrusions you can cut to length to make your own designer fixtures.

Judges’ remarks:

We love the customization and flexibility of this innovative system, as well as the multi-function dimming and color tuning on a single control. It’s simple, user and installer friendly, and a new trend that’s hard to ignore.

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Product Specifications

2.2 – 7.7 watts/foot

Light Output:
140-570 lumens/foot

63.6-74 lm/W

2400 K, 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K and 2700-6000 K Tunable White

94 (single color), 90-96.8 (tunable white)

Test Laboratory:
Leading Test Laboratories

In progress for the extrusions; other components of system fall outside the current scope of ENERGY STAR.