Product Categories

Product Categories

Here’s a quick look at basic categories featured in the 2021 Integrated Home Competition.

Heating and Cooling Equipment (Gas and Electric)

As the largest load in the home, there is a huge opportunity for efficient, connected HVAC products to save consumers energy and enable load flexibility for utilities.


  • Electric or gas heat pumps
  • Central air conditioners
  • Variable speed mini- or multi-splits
  • Natural gas furnaces
  • Natural gas boilers


Connected thermostats offer opportunities to manage existing heating and cooling loads.


  • Low voltage thermostats
  • Line voltage thermostats
  • Wireless thermostats
water tap with hot water steam, closeup view

Water Heaters (Gas and Electric)

Water heaters are generally the second largest load in the home and offer unique opportunities to shift load and act as a thermal battery.


  • Electric heat pump water heaters (HPWHs)
  • Gas HPWHs
  • Gas storage water heaters
  • Gas tankless water heaters
  • Retrofit water heater controllers, including CTA-2045 modules

Combination Space and Water Heating (“Combi”) Equipment

Combi units are integrated high efficiency boilers or air handlers that serve both the space heating and hot water needs of the whole home.

Swimming Pool, Summer, Back Yard, Children

Pool Pumps

Pool pumps, which are the most energy intensive equipment of the pool system, present considerable opportunities for automated load management and enhanced customer control.


  • Self-priming inground pool pumps
  • Non-self-priming aboveground pool pumps
  • Pressure cleaner booster pumps
  • Retrofit pool pump controllers, including CTA-2045 modules
Woman Controlling Smart Plug Using App On Mobile Phone

Plug Load Controls

Plug load controls can provide energy savings by addressing phantom load and standby power losses, as well as easy device management for consumers.


  • Advanced power strips (APS)
  • Plugs
  • Switches
  • Sockets
  • Outlets

Lighting and Lighting Controls

Connected lighting provides energy savings opportunities as well as safety and convenience benefits and is of key interest for consumers as they begin to build their smart home.


  • Lamps
  • Fixtures
  • Dimmers and switches
  • Combination and multi-function devices
  • Decorative lighting
  • Whole house lighting systems

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can work with consumers’ heating and cooling equipment to increase comfort and decrease energy use.

Venetian blind with remote control

Window Attachments

Interior and exterior window attachments offer energy savings by moderating solar gains, particularly when paired with connected technology for easy automation.


  • Blinds
  • Cellular shades
  • Roller shades
  • Awnings

Open Category

Do you have an innovative connected product of another type?
Consider entering the open category.

There are many unique integrated home products that offer energy savings but do not fall neatly within traditional product categories. Please reach out to to discuss the evaluation of your innovative products.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Home energy management or smart home automation systems
  • HVAC integrated controls
  • Micro combined heat and power (MCHP) systems
  • Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
  • Security devices with proven energy savings
  • Appliances or other plug loads
  • Product retrofits, such as add-on modules or controllers